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Note: Due to a recent change in funding requirements, any poster that directly relates to research funded by the grant can still be paid for by that grant; however, one first needs supervisor & PNI approval. There’s now a form PDF┬áthat needs to be signed by Ken and then sent to the PNI Finance Manager (Anita Li, or assistant director for approval prior to requesting poster printing (possibly Mary Knoblauch,

Please visit PNI internal website for full policy and form located at:

Option I: Daniel Nordlund
– Cost about $45
– Max size 41″ x 51″
– PowerPoint or pdf are the best formats
– You will need account number
– email

Option II: Digital Print Center (excerpts from Randee’s email)
– Located at 201 Nassau St
– The facility can produce print media of very high quality, in a variety of sizes, materials and formats – signs, posters, outdoor banners, binding, laminating, etc
– This facility is part of the university’s Printing and Mailing services, and is available to faculty, staff and students
– The website is
– email is
– Here is some basic information:
– Jim Elbrecht is an expert and a reasonable person. You will need to contact him in advance to avoid a last minute rush charge

– You will literally need to make an appointment at least three months in advance
– Costs about $80
– Billed directly to a grant

Option IV: Kinkos
Cost for a 41″ x 52″ basic color poster is $116 (as of Nov 2010)