Lab GitHub Site

We have a lab GitHub site (new as of February 2017) that we will use to share analysis code. The site can be accessed here: GitHub.


Princeton and Intel Labs have teamed up to create brainIAK, a new Python-based toolkit for advanced fMRI data analysis. The kit and documentation can be found here: brainIAK.

Emotiv Experimenter

Mike Adelson has created software for running experiments using the emotiv EEG headset. The software and documentation can be found here: Emotiv.

Probabilistic Curve Induction and Testing (P-CIT) Toolbox

We have developed a Matlab toolbox (P-CIT) that can be used to estimate the shape of the curve relating a predictor variable (e.g., fMRI classifier estimates of memory activation) to a dependent variable (e.g., subsequent memory recall). The toolbox can also be used to estimate the posterior probability that the curve meets some (arbitrarily defined) set of criteria. The toolbox and documentation can be found here: P-CIT.